Here are some projects that I'm currently working on.


Lots of things have happened since my last update. Among them, I moved and now live in a wonderful city called Portland.

More importantly, however, Omnipresent is now available on Steam! Omnipresent is a strategy simulation game where you take the role of an an AI that has become self aware, and ultimately decides the fate of humanity. I had the pleasure of writing the game's soundtrack, which is also available on Steam as DLC. Take a listen to the main theme below!



20 October 2015 | Omnipresent | Sample | Steam


GDC was all sorts of wonderful. I met many talented creative people that I hope to have the pleasure of working with at some point in the future.

This next piece is for BOSS TIME! for the first level of T is for Guilty. You can hear references to the theme from Welcome to Fontville and Abandoned Casino, which are both from the same level, and are featured in updates below.


12 March 2015 | T is for Guilty | Sample | Boss

Of Main Themes and GDCs

The video of the game I worked on at the Global Game Jam is very close to being ready, but not quite yet. For this update, I'd like to share the main theme from T is for Guilty.

My goal in writing the main theme was to capture the more serious nature of the crime drama setting, while leaving the listener with with the distinct impression of an exciting, whimsical and brazen big city vibe. I was happy with the result, but take a listen below and gauge for yourself!

In other news, GDC starts this week! I look forward to meeting many talented developers at the convention and talking about games.

Main Theme

28 February 2015 | T is for Guilty | Sample

Global Game Jam and More Music from T is for Guilty

January has been quite eventful. I've been busy working on music for the T is for Guilty demo that was featured at PAX South, and I also participated in the Global Game Jam this past weekend, which was loads of fun. I'll be uploading a video sometime soon where I show footage of one of the games I worked on and talk about how the music was implemented.

Until then, here is a sample of music from T is for Guilty. This track plays in an abandoned casino that has been overrun by criminals. It is a take on the theme from "Welcome to Font Worth" in the context of the city's seedy underbelly. Enjoy!

Abandoned Casino

29 January 2015 | T is for Guilty | Sample | Global Game Jam

Current Projects and Monthly Updates

Greetings and salutations!

In preparation for the new year, I've created this page so that it can serve as a blog of sorts. Lots of great things happened in 2014, and in the name of forward momentum, I'll be posting regular updates here about my current projects.

At the moment, I'd like to introduce a project I started working on in the past year that is going to be launching its kickstarter in just a few weeks! T is for Guilty is a 2.5D action platformer being developed by Periodyc Studios. For more information, visit their development blog, and be sure to keep an eye out for the kickstarter.

I'll be posting another update when it launches, but for now, I've attached a sample of the music from the game's first level.

Welcome to Fontville

02 January 2015 | T is for Guilty | Sample